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How to Become A Content Marketing Master

Are you a Content Marketer or do you plan on being one!

Content marketing is about building an audience of potential customers through content and then leading them to a path where some of them will actually become a customer!

On May 31st in Dublin we have our first content mastery event.  In one day myself and Mark Schaefer start with building a content strategy and go through all the way to converting with content. A day not to miss (check out here).

We reached out to some of the top content marketers in the world and asked them what it takes to become a content marketing master and we got some very interesting responses!

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syed balkhiSyed Balkhi

Founder of List25, Optinmonster, WPBeginner and lots more.  Catch him on

The way to become a content marketing master is to know your audience really really well. You need to create content that your target audience is searching for, something that will help them solve a problem that they are having, and more importantly something that they would gladly share with their friends.

By following those 3 principles, you put yourself as an authority in your user’s mind which in my opinion is what makes you a content marketing master.

SueBZimmerman-SquareSue Zimmerman

Instagram experts and founder of

You create great content that is entertaining engaging & valuable to the audience that you are meant to serve. I think the cherry on top is BEEing YOU!


joe pulizziJoe Pulizzi

Founder of Content Marketing Institute.  He also is founder of Content Marketing World.  Over 3,000 people attend every year.

Is your content actually different?  Does it tell a different story than everyone else out there?  If you consistently deliver on that content promise, could you position your organization as the leading information expert in that content niche?

And then, after really taking a hard look at that, think of this – what if your content went away? Would anyone notice?  Would anyone care? Check out the post on killing content marketing!

dave kerpenDave Kerpen

Founder of Likeable local. Recently published the Art of People.

The only way to become a master at anything is to spend a massive number of hours at it. So the way to become a content marketing master is to read and write great content marketing for at least 1,000 hours.


erikErik Qualman

Founder of Equalman.  Motivational speaker, 44 countries on his list so far.

The key to becoming a content marketing master is always take the position of the reader/viewer before you type or code anything.


nate kennedyNate Kennedy

Founder of Optimized Assets. If you’re looking for high converting sales funnels he’s the man.

This is a great question! Your Content Marketing and your Sales Funnel hold equal importance in your marketing efforts. So, I think the fastest way to become a content master is to get very strategic about your Content and make sure every Content Piece Released is an extension of your Sales Funnel that acquires customers. The Real Content Masters are the ones that mash them together and create Content Funnels. It’s the best way I have found to maximize revenue for businesses.

pamelaPamela Muldoon

Revenue marketing and podcasting coach – Muldoon Media

What I love about content marketing is that one really never ‘masters’ the craft.This is an ever-evolving industry that requires practitioners to embrace change while also trying innovative ideas and technologies. To be on the path to content marketing mastery, I recommend two philosophies: Kaizen and failing forward. Kaizen means “constant and never-ending learning” and the best content marketers are always learning and growing. Fail forward is the idea that you are willing to try new processes, tactics, platforms and learn from each one.This means taking some risks but learning from what you’ve done and adjusting accordingly.


robertRobert Rose

Chief Strategy Officer for Content Marketing Institute, Chief Troublemaker for Big Blue Moose!

The word “Mastery” is the key here; and makes this philosophical. So, one of my favorite Stephen Covey quotes is: “the ability to subordinate an impulse to a value is the essence of the proactive person.”  And, to me, this is one critical thing to master in today’s Content Marketing. Today’s marketers are lured by the new, the hot, the short-term focus of the business. It can be unimaginably difficult to focus on something that will take time to develop into lasting value. Those that can truly shut out the impulses to give up, and those who can stay focused, consistent and purely driven to deliver valuable content to the customer will be those that succeed over the long run.



Andrew Davis

Best selling author and keynote speaker, founder of Monumental Shift

Becoming a content marketing master isn’t about creating a lot of content. It’s actually about treating your content like a product. In order to do this you must take an audience-first approach to creating content. You must make an appointment with your audience and deliver on it religiously. You must have a repeatable format and it must be powered by a person your audience can trust. Want to be a content marketing master? Treat your content like a product.




Antonio Calero

Facebook ad specialist with Adespresso

Step 1 – Content awareness: Become a ‘content-hunter’ by thinking content 24/7. On everything you see / hear / read, ask yourself ‘how could I create my own piece of content from this?’ Even for this very article!

Step 2 – Ideas dumping:  Always carry a notepad with you or install an app like Evernote, so you can write down answers to the question above. It doesn’t matter if they are not perfect, focus on quantity over quality at this stage.

Step 3 – Content polishing: Wait a day or two and then come back to your list and check out those ideas, some of them may sound silly now and could be disregarded; however you’ll surely find other ones that are quite good. Focus on those and you’ll see how as you start working on them you get new fresh ideas for more content. Rinse – Repeat.

content marketing mastery



sujan patel

Sujan Patel

Growth marketer and entrepreneur, co-founder

In order to become a master at content marketing you need to learn from the best (like people included in this article) and execute/test ideas you read about. At first you might be mirroring exactly what you read but after a few successes and failures you’ll carve your own path. Rinse and repeat this 40-50x and you’re a content marketing master. And don’t forget to test bold or strange ideas. Some of my personal most successful content has been corky strategies.


bryan kramer

Bryan Kramer

President and CEO of PureMatter, international keynote speaker.

Content marketing is the practice of creating information designed to guide your target audience through the sales process. This content can be in the form of anything from blogging to eBooks. In order for it to be a successful part of your campaign strategy-brands must take time out to identify the buying personas, map out your customer journey and build your baseline benchmarks or goals you are trying to reach. Doing so will not only aid in creating growth goals but will ultimately assist with determining the changes you need to create real return on your investment.


martin shervington

Martin Shervington

Consultant, Coach and Author – see plus your business

To become a content marketing master, have passion. Love what you do and you will be able to find the energy (or it will find you) to research every nook and cranny of a subject, an app, an industry; from there you simply have to structure the content, before sharing it with the community that you serve. Don’t have a community yet? Then look at how you can help them, and your content will have a built in audience ready and waiting for your business.


brian massey

The conversion scientist

Brian Massey

The Conversion Scientist at the Conversion Sciences!, author also!

Do it for the long haul. I began blogging in 2005. I began blogging and speaking in the nascent conversion rate optimization space in 2007. Our first big year was in 2011. Today we enjoy fast revenue growth with no outbound sales, no advertising. Our business is inbound leads and referrals thanks to our long content marketing effort.


donna moritz

Socially Sorted

Donna Moritz

Founder of Socially Sorted, expert in Visual marketing.

Put the brakes on a little before you create bucketloads of content and check that you REALLY know what your audience is looking for.  What challenges do they have and what content is useful to them?  What is the content that would have them thinking “You’ve read my mind?” if you created it?   The best way to do this is to survey them.  Either send new subscribers a simple question or two about their challenges and what they want to learn or do a deeper survey using Survey Monkey or Survey Gizmo. Another great tool is the book “Ask” by Ryan Levesque which helps you to nail the right questions to ask in the first place.  Then, when you know what your customers really need from you, and what they potentially want to buy, you can go forth and tailor content that helps fulfil those needs… while creating a community of raving fans in the meantime!


david blundell

British Council

David Blundell

Head of Social Media for British Council

To create content like a master, I believe there is almost a mathematical calculation, made up of three main elements:

Visually and textually engaging content + Relevant to audience + Answers the question  “What’s in it for me?” = Very good chance of success.

A great example of this is a recent campaign by my organisation the British Council for Safer Internet Day 2016 which addressing our parents audience. Using a compelling image, #SafeOnlineSpace hashtag and provocative posts, the campaign achieved 20.5 million organic reach worldwide across 85 countries and with 100% positive sentiment:


Example from British Council


andy crestodina


Andy Crestodina

Founder of Orbit Media, expert in analytics and also an author.

Mastery is about continual improvement. Improvement means making better decision. The best decisions are based on data. Analytics is the key to mastery.

Yes, you need to be empathic. You need communication skills. You need to be a writer. Without these, you can’t do content marketing at all. You’re just advertising. But not all content marketers become masters. For this, you must learn to look for little clues in the data that make a huge difference.

If you have access to the data, you can use it to answer questions like these…

  • How does the wording of these call to actions affect conversion rates?
  • How do the navigation labels affect bounce rate and time on site?
  • Which phrases pull the most traffic? How are our competitors winning in search?
  • Which sources of traffic are most likely to take which actions?
  • What email frequency and timing gets the best click-through rates

Analytics is a force multiplier. It allows the marketer to get far better results without expending more energy or effort. That’s mastery.



jamie turner

Jamie Turner

Author, speaker and founder of SIXTY Marketer

As trite and over-used as this is, the secret is to be truly passionate about teaching and helping others. Every single person I know who has succeeded in content marketing (including pretty much everyone on this post) is first and foremost a teacher who likes to help others. If you’ve got that, you’ve got everything you need.” — Jamie Turner, and


jason swenk

Jason Swenk

Founder of, helping marketing agencies scale their business.

In order to become a content marketing master you need to know on a deep level who your audience is and what their biggest struggle or desire is. Hint: Small business is not a target market:) Once you know this, it is pretty easy to create content that helps. Finally, make sure you always have one call to action on every piece of content you create.


ravi shukle

Ravi Shukle

Social media and online customer service expert at – Founder of the secrets to 5 star service

The golden rule of becoming a content master is to have consistency with the content you share online. This means as a business having the ability to share daily content that entertains as well as adds value to your online community. Content might be king but consistency rules the kingdom.


Jay Acunso

Host and creator of Unthinkable

Jay Acunzo

Host & creator of Unthinkable, a show for content marketers bothered by suck

I could tell you about all the tactics and tech and strategies and skills in the world, but those who make it all seem easy have one thing above all else: an extreme sense of empathy. They can live their content through the eyes of the audience as much as create it, and that helps their work land every time regardless of tactic, tech, strategy — anything. Extreme empathy for the audience is the best weapon a content marketer can possess.


steve dotto

Steve Dotto

Head of Dottotech, Canada’s favorite geek!

For me Content Marketing is at it’s heart conversation, for me it is a lifestyle rather than a strategy Everytime I share a good piece of content it is “winner-wine, chicken dinner!”. My community benefits from shared know

ledge and skills, they respond with new suggestions and questions leading to the next piece of content, they appreciate my efforts and my value goes up, AND I get the profound satisfaction of knowing I am relevant. Not to mention the business benefits…


ian cleary


Ian Cleary

Founder of RazorSocial Social Media and Content Marketing Training

To become a content marketing master you need to understand the whole process from creating your ideal persona of the person you want to attract all the way through to building a content conversion funnel to sell at the end.   You can’t become a master unless you understand the full end to end cycle.




Andrea Vahl

Author, Social Media Consultant, see

To become a content marketing master you need to create content that is valuable to your audience.  Think of answering the things that they ask you every day.  Give away more than you think you should (I struggled with this one) because that will draw more people to your content.  Include beautiful images that make it more shareable – Canva helps!  Then make sure you allow enough time to create.  Creating awesome content takes time but it is SO worth it.


Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer

Keynote speaker, Marketing Consultant and Social Media Coach –

Unfortunately content marketing mastery is becoming more difficult these days. there are so many pressures on out times and talents. One thing that seems to puzzle people a lot is choosing the right content platforms and distribution strategy. Most of the time, it does not make sense to chase the shiny red ball because more than 90 percent of the time the platforms fail to go mainstream. In the last two years, Meerkat, Ello and Path were all exciting and hot but early adopters got burned.


david henzel

David Henzel

Co founder MaxCDN (Content distribution network provider)

If you want to be really successful in business and marketing you have to follow a simple concept.. Define a specific customer group and find a way to provide as much value as possible to them.


bernie borges

Bernie Borges

Founder of Find and Convert, Executive Producer Social Business Engine

To become a content marketing master the marketing team must tap into the storytelling potential of the employees across the business. Start by defining the buyer’s journey. Then, find employees whose domain expertise enables you to develop stories that align with the buyer’s journey. These stories must be: authentic, relevant and actionable.


Mike Alton

Mike Alton

Author, Chief Marketing Officer for Sitesell, Founder of The Social Media Hat

There is a lot that goes into being a ‘master’ of anything, not the least of which is the purported 10,000 hours of practice we need to become an expert on something. But that aside, there are a number of things we can do to become a master of content marketing, in particular. I know many of the fantastic people in this list are providing great ideas, but one that I’d like to focus on is the idea of being open to new techniques, and to testing those techniques. Content Marketing is at once old, and new. You can find it’s roots in the evolution of print, but has obviously taking on new meaning and nuance in today’s digital world. Which means that we can’t rely on what we think we know about how to market using content. We can’t stop learning and testing and learning some more. That’s a continual process, which is why it’s fantastic to attend events like Mark & Ian’s. Reading and listening to other expert presentations is an excellent place to start. You’ll get new ideas on things to try or approaches to take with your content. Some of those will work well for you, others won’t. But you’ll be learning. You’ll begin asking more questions, and looking for those answers. You’ll have incredibly interesting results to share, and through that personal evolution, you’ll become a Content Marketing Master.


Jeff Sieh

Jeff Sieh

Host Manly Pinterest Tips, Pinterest Manager Social Media Examiner.

I was lucky enough to meet Mark Schaefer last year at Social Media Marketing World. And he said something that really stuck with me. “Great content is just the price of sitting at the table.” I’d like to add one step further – Excellent visual marketing is what gets you invited back to dinner. I believe that consistently creating great visuals to accompany your content marketing is what can help you stand out in a crowded space.


Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen

Chief Content Officer at Actionable Marketing Guide

As a content master, you create information to attract prospects, customers, influencers, social media followers and others to your business. Your goal is to become the go-to expert in your specific niche. By providing useful content for your target audience in an easy-to-consume format, you transform your readers and build relationships that lead to measurable business results.


Creating high quality content on a consistent basis is hard work but it can be so worth it!

What is your favorite tip from above?

Are you coming to the content mastery conference in Dublin?


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